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User Guide

1. About the delivery of e-mails

In case of new registration, placing an order, or the beginning of delivery of the products, “New Member Registration Completion Mail", "Order Confirmation Mail", or "Commodity Shipping Notice Mail" shall be delivered from the following addresses to your registered email address, so please confirm the contents.
Please make sure to set your mailbox in advance so as to receive these emails.

  • New Member Registration Completion Mail →"noreply@hubsynch.com"
  • Application Completion Notice Mail → "noreply@hubsynch.com"
  • Commodity Shipping Notice Mail →"customer@openstance.jp"

【Please Note】

  • The "Settlement Failure Mail" at the time of application using a credit card shall be delivered from"noreply@hubsynch.com", so please confirm.
  • If the mail does not reach, reasons listed in "Frequently Asked Questions" can be considered so please make sure to confirm.
  • Information of convenience store settlement can also be confirmed in the purchase history of My Page, so please make a confirmation.

→ "Frequently Asked Questions" is Here

2. Choosing products

After selecting size and quantity on the detailed page of the product, please click the "Add to Cart" button.

  • Membership registration is required to purchase products.
    After the registration, My Page function (confirmation of purchase history, registration of shipping address) will be available.
  • Please note that the selected produces will be deleted if you log out with products still in the cart.
  • Products will not be secured when they are placed in the cart.
    Since the order is not completed when products are still in the cart, they can be displayed to be sold out at the end of order procedure if these products become "SOLD OUT" due to the completion of other people's orders.
  • An "Order Confirmation Mail" delivered from "noreply@hubsynch.com" will be sent to your registered email address, please make a confirmation.
    Please make sure to set your mailbox in advance so as to receive emails from "noreply@hubsynch.com".

【Please Note】

  • For the purchase of products, membership registration to the settlement service Hubsynch (free of charge) is required.
  • People without the membership can make an application by clicking the "Register Now" button on the list of the cart page.
  • What is hubsynch?

3. About the shipping cost

Uniform nationwide charge: 770 yen (tax included)

【Please Note】

  • If your order is divided into several orders, you will have different order numbers. The delivery is carried out by each order number.
    In that case, the shipping costs will also occur on each order number, so please note.
  • Some regions including some remote islands, etc. are out of our delivery range, please note.
    (For more information, please contact to Sagawa Express home page or Sagawa Express offices.)
  • We cannot deliver to the overseas. Please note that we can only deliver inside Japan.

4. About the payment

The payment can be made either by credit card settlement or convenience store settlement.
Change of payment methods is not possible in any way after your application is completed.
※"Bill settlement" cannot be used in the mail-order sales this time. Please note.

■ Credit card settlement

You can only use 4 kinds of credit cards including "JCB, VISA, MASTER, and American Express."
With regard to the installment of settlement, you can only make a payment in full.

【Please Note】

Please make a payment after your order.

  • The purchase price will be debited to the settlement date of the credit card company you use.
  • The name listed in the stores used column of your invoice details delivered from your credit card company will described as "hubsynch".
  • Cards issued overseas may be unusable due to approval process during the settlement.
  • In case of "settlement failure", your application will not be completed. Please apply again with correct information.

※ In case of any questions, please confirm to your credit card company.

■ Convenience settlement

[Available convenience store]

Lawson / Family Mart / MINISTOP / Seicomart / Daily Yamazaki, Yamazaki Daily Store

Available convenience store

If you the convenience store settlement for payment, a convenience store settlement commission will be charged separately according to your total payment amount.

<Fee table>

The total payment amount (tax included) Settlement commission (tax included)
1yen(tax included 1yen)~9,090yen(tax included 9,999yen) 350yen(tax included 385yen)
9,091円(tax included 10,000yen)~27,272円(tax included 29,999yen) 400yen(tax included 440yen)
27,273yen(tax included 30,000yen)~272,727yen(tax included 299,999yen) Payment amount (including shipping costs) × 3.08%

At the time of payment, the "convenience store reception number" or "confirmation number" described in the payment information mail sent after the completion of order application will be needed. Please take notes or print the screen.
Information such as the "convenience store reception number" can also be confirmed from the "purchase history" of My Page.

Please learn more about the payment methods at various convenience stores.

【Please Note】

Please note that the convenience store payment commission varies with the total payment amount.
※The total payment amount includes commodity price, shipping costs, and convenience store payment commission. The customer can confirm the total payment amount from the order confirmation screen and order completion mail.
※If a single payment amount exceeds 299,999 yen, the convenience store settlement will not be available. Please use credit card settlement.
※Nishimachi STORE will not send ordering coupons for convenience store settlement. In the case of a convenience store settlement, it will be a paperless settlement without sending ordering coupons. We will send a payment related email to your mail address, so please confirm that email and make the payment in the convenience stores listed above.
※The payment deadline of the convenience store settlement is until 23:59 of the next 2 days after the application day. When it pasts the payment deadline, the order will be treated as canceled. (Example: ordered on July 12⇒Payment should be made until 23:59 of July 14)

5. About the issue of receipt

The document you receive after the settlement is completed can also be used as the receipt on tax laws, please make a confirmation.

[Credit card settlement]

The "detailed statement" delivered from the credit card company can be used as the receipt.
※The name listed in the stores used column of your invoice details delivered from your credit card company will described as "hubsynch".

[Convenience store payment]

Receipt of a convenience store payment can be used directly as a receipt.
(Issue of the receipt will not be conducted by the convenience store)

6. About My Page

Please registered our membership will be able to use My Page function after logging in.

[Contents available on My Page]


    ※Purchase history will be created after the completion of acceptance. Orders in purchase history may still be not purchased, so please confirm the "Purchase Status" listed in purchase history to confirm the settlement status.

    Details of the “purchase situation” are as follows.

    Payment confirmed
    It will be described when a successful payment has been confirmed. Your products will be delivered on the shipping day.

    Order received
    This will be described in the case of credit card settlement or convenience store settlement.

    Settlement failure
    This will be described when the input credit card information is wrong or the validity is expired in case of using credit card for application. There will be no delivery of goods.

    Lack of payment amount
    This will be described in case of insufficient amount of payment has been made. Products will not be delivered until the shortfalls are paid. In addition, if the payment cannot be made before the specified date, the order will be canceled.

    Delivery started
    It will be described when the delivery of goods has been started.

    This is described when the payment is not done before the specified payment due date and the application is cancelled. There will be no delivery of goods.

  • Registration information management

    Since the shipping address is specified during the order application, it will not change even when renewing the registration information.
    If you wish to have the destination changed, please be sure to inform us before the delivery and describe your "order number", "name", "the new address and postal code" in the inquiry form.
    Please note that the re-delivery shipping costs of products already delivered shall be borne by customers.

  • STORE unsubscribing procedure

    ※Once your order is accepted. It will not be canceled even after you withdrew from SORE membership. So please note that orders whose payments have been made will be shipped normally.
    ※If you withdraw from the STORE membership before the products are shipped to you, you will be unable to confirm your settlement status, order history and purchase history .
    ※Withdrawal from the Nishimachi STORE membership will delete the information managed by us including (user information and purchase history), but it does not equal to the withdrawal from the settlement agent system, hubsynch.

7. About the delivery of goods

As long as there is no weather and traffic problem, the normal delivery period will take about1~2 weeks before delivering your products to you.
(The delivery period will vary depending on the delivery area. Please note.)

When ordering, a "Commodity Shipping Notice Mail" shall be sent to your registered email address from"customer@openstance.jp", please have a confirmation.
Please make sure to set your mailbox in advance so that mails from “customer@openstance.jp” can be received.

Delivery trader: Sagawa Express

Please note that the delivery may not be delivered to you on the date and time you wished or the actual delivery period may be longer than normal due to different regions or bad weather.
With regard to delivery at the time of your absence, it will correspond by the absence delivery contact form.
Please go to the Sagawa Express office specified on the absence delivery contact form to collect your mail within the storage period.

【Please Note】

  • Delivery in the same package of products you already purchased is not available. Please note.
  • We cannot deliver to the overseas.
  • Please note that we can only deliver inside Japan.

For long-term absence and delivery failure due to defect registered information

The product will be sent back to the delivery source in case of long-term absence without collecting the mail within 7 days or delivery failure due to defect registered information according to the provisions of Sagawa Express. For products sent back to the delivery source without contacts from customers in advance, these orders will be cancelled normally.
In case of contacts for re-delivery from the customer in advance, the products will be sent back to the customer by cash-on-delivery for the delivery costs. Please note.

※If products sent back to the delivery source are cancelled, there will be no refund. Please note.

If the product does not arrive

The delivery date may be postponed due to different regions. Please note.
If the products you ordered have not arrived more than 2 weeks after the delivery, please contact us using the Inquiry Form.
※When you contact us, be sure your name and order number are described.

8. About the return, exchange or repair of your order

Returns and Exchanges

Please examine your purchase as soon as you receive it.

If the product is damaged, or if it is different from what was ordered, we will exchange it with the same product, including shipping costs.

To initiate an exchange, please complete the inquiry form within 14 days of delivery. If we do not have an item in stock for an exchange, we will issue a full refund.

We will not return or exchange any product based on fading or deterioration based on age.

Please understand that we cannot accept returns or exchanges for any product that has been used, or if more than 14 days have elapsed since delivery.

Returns by Customer Circumstances

Returns or exchanges due to unfavorable circumstances, such as the product being different from the image shown, will be limited to unused product within 14 days after delivery.
In this case, the customer shall pay all fees for returns, including shipping costs.


If you wish to submit any product for repair after use, please complete an inquiry form. Please understand that not all products can be repaired.

If the product was already damaged when it’s shipped, and we judged that we were at fault, we will replace it with the same product.
In this case, the situation has to be reported within14 days after delivery in order to exchange the product.


When returning a product for repair or exchange, please enclose the delivery statement.

Please understand that it may not be possible to repair or exchange a product if the customer does not complete an inquiry form.

9. About the cooling-off period

Since sales of products of this site is mail-order sales, so that cooling-off system is not applicable.
Please note.

10. About business hours

Weekdays: Monday to Friday, closed on weekends and holidays
※Shipping operation of commodity and mail reply to inquiries only be taken from 13:00 to 17:00 on business days.
Inquiries will not be accepted by phone, so be sure to contact us using the Inquiry Form, thank you.
※Questions often asked by customers are summarized in the "Frequently Asked Questions" section.
Please refer to "FAQ" before contacting us. ※With regard to questions related to order application, please also fill in "your application date, product name (number)".